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With Serenity Log Homes and Cypress Reality Group you're sure to have the home and land you want.

Cypress Realty Group and Serenity Log Homes

Serenity Log Homes owner DeWayne Crumley is a longtime real estate agent with Cypress Realty Group in Florence, Alabama. That benefits Serenity’s customers because DeWayne can help you find the perfect property for your log home, timber frame home or hybrid.

Call DeWayne today to start the search for your land. Ask about these CURRENT LISTINGS or tell DeWayne what you want so he can make sure you find it.


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Download a free booklet, How to Locate Land for Your Wood Home, compliments of Serenity Log Homes.

Your Serenity Log Home deserves to sit on just the right piece of ground. Let us make that happen.

Advice from Dewayne on Finding Land