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Let the beauty of wood shine through with a colorful twist!

  Customers of Honest Abe dealers, Mike and Tonia Coulter of T & M Log Homes in Indiana are among the first to use Perma-Chink’s new Lifeline Accents to highlight the exterior beauty of their log home.

  The exceptional quality of Perma-Chink Systems’ products has always been vibrant, and now the company has launched a line that takes that philosophy quite literally. The new Honest Abe Log Home pictured left is a striking example of how wood stains and finishes are evolving.

  Lifeline Accents is a bold choice among the company’s extensive interior/exterior stain product line. Rich hues such as jade, garnet and midnight catch the eye, while more traditional tones, such as sand, umber and charcoal, round out the 18-color palette.

   Each vibrant color is designed to allow the wood’s grain to emerge, so the color complements the wood, rather than covering it. And unlike many other tinted stains, the color endures, meaning fewer touchups over time.

Accent the natural beauty of wood.

“Our Lifeline Accents high-performance semi-transparent stains are designed utilizing our proprietary technology to highlight and protect both interior and exterior surfaces,” said Richard Dunstan, the founder of Perma-Chink Systems. “The combination of exciting colors and ease of application will expand choices and add value for homeowners and applicators.”

Staining your log home is a humbler art, really. Whereas paint transforms the color of a surface, leaving no trace of its previous hue, stain is typically used to accent the natural beauty of wood. Its purpose is to bring out the best in what’s already there. Nothing compliments wood better than earthy reds. The rich and full-bodied Cinnabar or Barn Red brings color warmth to home exteriors, and this stylish tone is universally appealing.

Ultimate Protection for the Log Home

Perma-Chink Systems product line also includes Lifeline wood stains and sealants. Lifeline Ultra-7, low VOC one-coat application was introduced to the log home market a few years ago. Lifeline Ultra-7 is a natural, long-lasting, semi-transparent exterior finish that shades and highlights the wood’s true beauty. It’s a new generation, high-performance acrylic log home finish that combines water-repellents, mold inhibitors and UV-ray protection. Lifeline Ultra-7 is easy to apply and cleans up with soap and water. Lifeline Ultra-7 followed by a top clear coat of Lifeline Advance Gloss or Satin will provide the ultimate protection for the log home and customer satisfaction.

Lifeline stains and finishes, like the entire Perma-Chink Systems product line, is non-toxic.

“We are very concerned about the environment and the safety of the people that use our products,” says Rich Dunstan, president and the founder of Perma-Chink Systems. “We have more experience in formulating highly specialized products for log homes than anyone in the industry. Dunstan LIFELINE ULTRA-7 followed by a clear topcoat creates the most advanced wood preservative system in existence.”

Perma-Chink takes pride in saying “By the time you discover a challenge, we already have the solution.”