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by Jeff Clements, Vice President, Honest Abe Log Homes

Honest Abe takes the issue of timber harvesting and the threat of deforestation related to building materials used in the manufacture of log homes very seriously. The great news is, according to the USDA Department of Forestry, as a country our forest land is growing at a faster pace than it is being harvested.

Growth has exceeded removals on U.S. timber lands for several decades while the area of timber land has remained relatively stable. The result has been a substantial increase in the volume of growing stock on U.S. timber lands. This is largely due to the fact that the majority of landowners have a management mentality to their timberland. A managed timberland with occasional harvesting promotes a diverse, healthy and sustainable forest.

Within each Honest Abe home different species of wood are selected based upon where they will be used in the home. For instance, certain areas require a more stable wood species where additional strength is needed. In making material purchases we also have to pay attention to availability, price and visual appearance. The majority of our wood products come from private landowners who care for and manage their land and forest. Some choose to replant trees when they are harvested, while some choose to harvest the larger, older trees, allowing more sunlight to reach the smaller, younger trees that will greatly accelerate growth.

Honest Abe fully expects our forests to remain sustainable in this country as the majority of landowners are good stewards. Timber harvesting is not a bad thing. It provides jobs throughout the chain of events that occur after harvest through transportation, milling, construction, etc., providing jobs for families and sheltering those same families in well-built homes. The bark, sawdust and inferior grade timbers, which could be considered waste, are fully utilized as by-products. This helps us remain good stewards of the forests which sustains us. There may not be a greener more sustainable product than the wood grown, harvested and processed in our country.

Honest Abe Log Homes welcomes visitors to our manufacturing facility in Moss, Tennessee, to see how the timber and wood used there is fully utilized. Call 800-231-3695 or email [email protected] to arrange a tour or attend one of the five log raising scheduled annually.