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What is it about Honest Abe homes that make them so appealing to so many people? We can talk about thermal efficiency, building with a renewable resource or living a log home lifestyle, but the main reason people are attracted to log homes is because they are beautiful. The question we must ask ourselves is “what makes a log home beautiful?”

Design, style and architecture all play a role, but what really makes a log home stand out is its finish. Years ago protecting the exterior of a log home was almost an afterthought. People would apply substances like turpentine and linseed oil, transmission fluid and a host of other liquids on the exterior of their homes. Their goal was to protect the wood, not to make a home beautiful. These materials turned log homes black and did a very poor job protecting the wood. But it was what they had and used.

In the 1960s colored semi-transparent wood stains began appearing on the market and by the 1970s log home owners finally had available options other than having a black, gray or painted log home. The problem was that the color only lasted a couple of years, and the protection provided by these finishes was negligible at best. We’ve come a long way since then. Perma-Chink Systems Lifeline finish system combines all of the protective attributes of a high-performance finish system with the beauty one would only expect to see on an expensive piece of furniture.

When we introduced our Advance Gloss and Satin topcoats, we were told that no home owner would want their log home to look like their dining room table. But what we discovered was that log home owners do want their homes to look as beautiful as their dining room table. And they want that beauty to last. So let Honest Abe help to build you a beautiful home, and let Perma-Chink Systems highlight that beauty.

Finish manufactured by Perma-Chink Systems is included in Honest Abe Log Homes packages. For more information about stains and finishes, contact Perma-Chink Systems at 1-800-548-3554 or visit online www.permachink.com